Planned litters

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Planned/Up coming litters. Page last updated on 1-6-19




This page shows what litters we are "planning" not nessisarly what will happen. As some females don't except certain males and some males refuse to breed some females. So please understand, that these are ONLY Planned litters. An actual litter IS NOT GUARANTEED until it is conceived. And even then, sometimes the females don't have puppies. I CANNOT guarantee that a certain dog will get bred and concieve and have the exact puppy you are wanting. I am simply human.....the outcome is up to God


















Once the puppies are here they go fast. If you are very specific on what you are looking for I would recomend putting a deposit down for what you are want. Say you ONLY want a flashy fawn female, If you put a deposit down first you will get the first one available. instead of worrying that someone else might get the puppy before you.

 Deposits come in a first come first serve basis. But I like to categorize them in Male/Female list. So first choice Male puppy, First choice Female puppy ect.That way we don't have one first choice holding up the whole litter. FOR MORE INFO SEE OUR "DEPOSIT LIST" PAGE.


Puppy Prices, Deposits, & Shipping.

WE CANNOT SHIP VIA AIRLINES ANYMORE!  you can alwasy fly in and pickup your puppy and fly back with your puppy in cabin. OR Your welcome to come and pickup your puppy. Or you may locate a ground shipper if you'd like.

~CitizenShipper is one you could look into~


Prices range from $1700 to $2500 typically however this is just our average prices.

Depending on Color, Size, Gender & Percentage of "Boxer" that is in the puppy.

Each puppy will be priced accordingly.

Deposits are $500  ( non refundable )


Colors you will see from our dogs from time to time.

 Fawn.- Flashy or not

 Brindle.- Flashy or not

 Reverse brindle. - Flashy or not 

Rare Blacks. - Flashy or not

First EVER Blue Boxers!  Flashy or not some with brindling

And Champagne are possible!