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Deposit line up and choosing your puppy UPDATED ON 2-12-18



DEPOSITS work on a first come first serve basis.

deposits work on Male and Female puppy list. "BY LITTER" first choice male, first choice female, ect Then we have "Floating deposits". Deposits that are placed on no one litter and waiting for the right puppy to come along. PLEASE NOTE: Floating deposits are last on any deposit list, unless moved to a particular litter to secure a deposit slot.



If you have a deposit on a puppy, you will be notified usually the same day the puppies are born and will receive pictures usually within 24 hours of birth. Then again at 2-3-5 weeks of age. You may choose your puppy at any time during the first 3 weeks. Your puppy MUST be chosen no later then 3 weeks of age. So that other people on the list can choose their puppy. Of course, if you don't have first choice, you will have to wait until the people in front of you choose their puppy/puppies. If no puppies are what you are looking for, you may transfer you deposit to another available deposit slot. IF YOU DECIDE NONE OF THE PUPPIES ARE THE ONE FOR YOU AND YOU WANT TO SWAP TO ANOTHER LITTER YOU MUST LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY." WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK" OF PUPPIES BEING BORN SO THAT THEY CAN BE PLACED. THANK YOU!

You can see how many deposits are on a particular Gender by the numbers.( 1= one deposits 2= two deposits ect )  Miniature Boxer deposit List bellow












Females : 4          Males: 5





Females :  2                        Males: 3




DESTINY and TUX SPRING 2018 litter


Females:  2                       Males: 2




Females: 1.                Males:






















To place a deposit click on the picture below. THANKS!