Welcome To LSC Ranch!

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Welcome to LSC Ranch, home of "LSC's Miniature, Toy & Micro Boxers, & Miniature Bulldogs"





We are located in Lavina MT We raise our puppies for our families enjoyment in excellent Family Hunting and Security dogs. We Love having these sweet little guys in our lives and we love to share our joy of these great dogs with you. If you are interested in any of our puppies please call or e-mail me and tell me a little about yourself.  We strive to find good forever loving homes for all of our puppies.

We are now Raising MINIATURE BULLDOGS!

  Here at Lsc Ranch we raise Miniature & Toy Boxers. We strive to bring you a "real" boxer in a smaller body. We strive for high percentage Boxer blood in our lines so you are actually getting a boxer. There are a few different crosses we are doing at this time. The Toy boxer lines do have less Boxer in them then the Miniatures on average. We do have some higher percentage boxer Toy boxer puppies but not very often. See our "Breed Standard" page to know the difference between the Miniature Boxer and the Toy boxer.


Boxers are hunting dogs! They make awesome gaurd dogs, and hunting dogs. The boxer was originally bred for hunting large game and holding it until the hunter could get to it. Check out this link


The miniatures are ALSO hunting dogs. Our "Lucky Chance" hunts rabbits and birds with us all the time. You won't find a better family hunting dog anywhere. And as for Security, most our miniature boxers will fit in a condo or apartment, and be a great security dog.


If you have any

 questions about our puppies or business,

feel free to contact us through our "contact page"

Thanks, & God Bless!


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