Our "Girls"

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Here you can see our "Girls" and the mothers of our puppies.

LSC's Mini Coupe extreme flashy TRUE black miniature boxer girl Coup is 16 inches tall and 40 lbs. She is short and stout.  


( Above ) Lsc's Dodge Viper! "Dodger" is a Flashy TRUE black Mini Boxer. Dodger is  about 19.5 inches tall and 50 lbs. Right below standard size, she will be bred to a small male to produce smaller mini's


( Below ) Lsc's Little Miss Freckle "Freckles" Brindle Toy Boxer female. Freckles will be used in our Toy Boxer Lines. Freckles is 15.5 inches tall and 25 lbs.

"Lsc's Nala Rain" Aka "Nala" She is a Fawn Mini Boxer. She is 19 inches tall and 52 lbs 

LSC's Little Miss Valentine. "Val" is our Miniature Boxer female. She is only 35 pounds and 17.5 inches tall. She is a Flashy Fawn. 




Mocha Flashy Brindle female. extremely sweet and laid back. 18 inches tall and 35 lbs.

Frappe' is our Flashy Brindle Miniature Boxer. She is 16.5 inches tall and 30 lbs