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Here you can see Espresso ( Essy ) and Duke's puppies! Page last updated on 1/9/19

Essy had 9 STUNNING puppies on 1/9/19!

****ATTENTION!**** I WILL BE KEEPING PUPPIES from this litter. I have to do a Color DNA test to see which puppies carry the Black and Tan gene before I make my choice. Please bare with me as we wait. Should know within 2 weeks.



The Boys! 

Brindles $2,000

Fawn Merle $2500

Blue Fawn  $3,000 "ON HOLD"

Lilac Brindle merle $3500 "ON HOLD"



The girls!

Lilac Brindle Merle $3500

Blue $3500 "ON HOLD"

Blue Fawn Merle $3,000 "ON HOLD"

Brindle $2,000