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#1 Deposits are NOT refundable. But ARE transferable.

#2 Color, Size, & Gender are NOT guaranteed on pre born deposits.

#3 Deposits are on a “First come First serve” basis. First deposit get first choice of litter, second deposit gets second choice etc.

#4 “I” the breeder ALWAYS reserves the right for first choice of ANY litter.

#5 Estimated “Size” of a puppies maturity is just ESTIMATED and NOT guaranteed.

#6 Below is a copy of our guarantee, please read it carefully BEFORE buying a puppy.

#7 We “LSC Ranch” reserve the right to deny sale of any of our animals to anyone at anytime.

#8 ALL our puppies/dogs are sold on a SPAY/NEUTER contract.

#9 LSC Ranch Spay/Neuter contract MUST be signed and returned to LSC Ranch prior to puppy going to it's new home.

# 10 Our puppies are being fed Life's Abundance Dog Food. I will not ship the puppy to it's new home without an order confirmation that you have ordered Life's Abundance Dog Food Off of my site,  for your puppy.  Please go to the link on our Life's Abundance Dog Food page.






"A Copy" Of our gaurantee for an "example" ONLY. I will email or mail you the orignal document. 

LSC Ranch Home of “The Miniature Boxer” Lavina, MT 406-320-0715 Thank you for your purchase of a _                                                                          _puppy. Sire:                            Dam: _________________ Puppies are guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects until their 2ndBirthday.Puppy’s Date of Birth:  _____________ Puppies are guaranteed to be free of illness for 5 days after leaving the premises. As long as insurance certificate has been activated within the 24 hour time period required by them. Today’s date is:  _____________. Puppies are wormed with Pyrantel   and or Fenbendazole    at least twice before leaving our home.  Parasites are not included in the health guarantee. Date given:      Your puppy has been given Neo Par (parvo)   vaccine on this date : PARVO : Deadly puppy virus which can be picked up ANYWHERE!PLEASE watch for depression, droopy spirit, not wanting to play, not interested in food or drink, just overall droopiness of disposition. If this occurs, please contact me right away for guidance. If you are not able to contact me, take your puppy to the vet. The key to saving your puppy is to catch it early.Frontline: is the very best we have found for flea control.  Treat with Frontline if at any time you see a flea.  Revolution is a great way to treat both fleas, heartworm and prevent ear mites, but it doesn’t work against ticks.If your puppy were to come up with any puppy disease or illness (excluding kennel cough) (and not a parasite (worms), coccidia, or giardia) that is not covered by the health insurance provided to you from LSC Ranch within the first 5 days (7 days for parvo) after leaving here, you would be entitled to a refund or an exchange.  We do need veterinary proof that this was a disease and NOT neglect, dropping, or poisoning or any other thing that you, the new owner may have done to this puppy.  It is your responsibility to provide this proof. It is also your responsibility to Activate the insurance certificate provided to you by LSC Ranch within 24 hours of receiving your puppy. (Date will be on your certificate) If a major illness (not parasites or protozoa) does arise within the 5 day period, LSC Ranch will reimburse you the 10% that insurance does not cover. LSC Ranch will provide you with the insurance voucher so that you can activate your 30 free trial right away. If you choose not to activate your 30 day free trial, you will be responsible for all vet bills and LSC Ranch will not be held financially responsible for any treatment of ANY kind. LSC Ranch does not require that you continue coverage after the 30 day free trial. This is your choice.FOOD: You must feed Lifes Abundance or other Reasonable “Quality” “approved” (by LSC Ranch) food in order for us to guarantee any puppy. You may be required to prove what you are feeding if something comes up. The best form of proof is in the form of a receipt trail.If your puppy has a life threatening genetic defect before its 2nd  birthday, you are entitled to a replacement puppy as soon as one is available.  Again, I will need veterinary proof of the defect.  Please understand that since I have no choice in how many vet bills you run up and how many services you may CHOOSE to do, we only offer a replacement puppy. If any life threatening genetic defect were to arise, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss possible replacement options.If at any time “I” am required to pay for vet or other expenses not covered by the health insurance provided to you for 30 days at no cost to you, (within the 5 day period only) these expenses shall never exceed the original purchase price of the puppy. If you wish to return your puppy after I have paid for vet or other fees, you will be entitled to a refund of the remaining amount but never to exceed the purchase price of the puppy. Puppy also must be returned within 5 days of the date of this contract to obtain a refund, along with proof of the defect. All transport fees are solely the responsibility of the new owner. It is often a good idea to give me a call before taking your puppy in to the vet if you suspect it is ill within the 5 day period as it might just be a simple parasite.  Or I might choose to exchange your puppy at that time and take it to my vet. By signing below you also agree to spay or neuter your puppy by the time it is 6 months of age. Contract must be signed by both parties to be valid. If you do not sign, your puppy will be sold as is with no guarantee and we reserve the right to not sell it to you at all.PLEASE FILL OUT THE GREEN AREAS ONLY:PUPPY NAME:  _________________  SEX   ______ Shipping required? (Y) (N)Shipping Date:  ___________ Airport:  _____________ REG: (X) (NShipping Quote:$_______   PRICE: $__________      PURCHASER NAME : (print) name, address, phone #: ______________________________________________________________________________________  SIGNATURE:________________________________DATE:_________________ Breeder “LSC Family Ranch: Breeder Signature:____________________________________________________