Shipping Day

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I CANNOT SHIP INTO CANADA: however I can ship into a nearby U.S airport. Shipping for an 8 to 11 week old puppy is "TYPICALLY" $400 Please note however that this could change at anytime without notice. Shipping at 12 weeks and after veries, we now have to get a larger kennel, rabbies vaccine is required, and airfair goes up do to the extra weight. We are looking at about anywhere from $25-$50 more."Typically"

Airfare is based off of size and weight of the kennel, So if you are buying an older puppy or adult dog, Shipping price will vary.

Shipping includes, Vet check, Health certificate, Shipping crate, and Airfare.



I may cancel shipping dates last minute for unforeseen circumstances. FLORIDA PEOPLE !!! Florida is VERY hard to get into, and usually require a very early morning flight which WILL be referred to my outside shipper for an additional $125. If "I" have to ship early morning a hotel stay is required and my fee is $200 if my shipper is unavailable. THIS ALSO GOES FOR NON florida people during hot months as I CANNOT ship over 75 degrees usually with overnight fees or early morning flights. So be prepared for an addition $200 in shipping. I also will not know until I go to book flights if the additional fee will be needed. OVERNIGHT boarding runs $100-$200 depending on which overnight kennel station the puppy needs to be at for the connecting flights.NOTE: I live an hour and a half from the airport. So I try and ship ALL puppies on the same day. I also plan my shipping days to the days I already have to be in Billings. If the day I choose for shipping does not work for you, you will need to find someone else that can pick up your puppy for you. I DO NOT charge for fuel or my time in the shipping cost. Many times I am in the hole on shipping. In some cases IF I AM AVAILABLE to do so, I can ship your puppy on a different day for an extra $100, IF that date is within a week of the original shipping date. If I have to hold your puppy longer, then a $50 a week boarding fee will also be required. If shipping has to be on an early morning flight and I have to stay in a hotel an extra fee of $200 will be charged. Thanks for your understanding.



Your puppy will arrive at your nearest airport that excepts pets, that "I" can ship into. Please understand, not all flights you look up can I ship on. Your puppy will arrive in his/her kennel with all the paper work and records. You will need your I.D to pick up your puppy. Every airport is different as to where you will pick up your puppy. Please call and check the airport  your puppy is coming into to know where to go to pick up your puppy.

For my outside shipper click on the link below.