Our Daddy Dogs

LSC's Sharp Shooter


"Shooter" is our Miniature stud at 17 inches tall and 40 lbs. He is a classic Brindle

LSC's Little Mister


"Mister" is our Miniature Boxer stud. He is a Classic Flashy fawn

LSC's The Duke


"Duke" is our Miniature Bulldog stud dog. He will be being used in our Miniature boxer and Bulldog lines. He is a Blue merle brindle, He carries, Dilute, Chocolate, and Black & Tan 

LSC's Little Mister Spud


"Spud" Is our Miniature Boxer Bulldog cross stud dog. He carries the Black & Tan gene! He is "Misters son"  Spud is 17 inches tall and 50 lbs

Our Junior Male Tuxedo JR


"Tux" Is our Toy male that carries the Blue gene

Our Junior Male that carries Blue and Black & Tan

Toy/Mini male