Our Daddy Dogs

LSC's Sharp Shooter


"Shooter" is our Miniature stud at 17 inches tall and 40 lbs. He is a classic Brindle

LSC's Little Mister


"Mister" is our Miniature Boxer stud. He is a Classic Flashy fawn

LSC's The Duke


"Duke" is our Miniature Bulldog stud dog. He will be being used in our Miniature boxer and Bulldog lines. He is a Blue merle brindle, He carries, Dilute, Chocolate, and Black & Tan 

LSC's Butch Cassidy


"Butch" is our Tiny Frenchy Cross male. He is 14.5 inches tall and 18 lbs He carries Black and Tan :)

Our Junior Male Tuxedo JR


"Tux" Is our Toy male that carries the Blue gene

Our Junior Male that carries Blue and Black & Tan

Toy/Mini male