Puppy Deposit Includes the 3% paypal fee

Payment Page

Deposit/Reserving your puppy button

Use the "Above" Paypal button to place a deposit on a puppy or to reserve a place on a litter. It automatically adds the 3% paypal fee to the cost. PLEASE REMEMBER deposits are NOT refundable but are transferable to another puppy/litter

Remaining Balance/Full Purchase price button

"Below" is the "Remaining" Balance Paypal button. Or total purchase price. It also includes the 3% paypal fee. You can choose your payment option by using the "Drop Down" menu to choose your balance price. You will see two prices, one is the balance, and the 2nd is your balance with he 3% paypal fee added in for you.

Balance on puppy, Includes the 3% Paypal fee