Shipping and pickup

Unfortunately we are no longer able to ship our puppies, However below are some alternative pickup ideas for your new family member!

If choosing to fly into Billings to pickup your new puppy it is always best to book your flight in advance to save on cost. Many times it is much cheaper then using a Shipper or Nanny

Pickup Ideas

Come and Pick up your puppy!

This is the #1 preferred way of our clients to get their new family member! Just Fly right into Billings MT airport and I will meet you right at the airport with your baby :) You can bring & Fly with your puppy IN CABIN! You just need a small soft sided kennel and to talk with your airlines about their rules.

Puppy Nannies

Some Clients prefer to hire a puppy nanny to bring their new puppy to them. If you wish to use this method you must find and pick a puppy nanny you trust to deliver your new baby.

Ground Transportation

Some of my clients hire ground transporters. You are welcome to do so if you choose. Again, you will need to find and book transportation with someone you feel comfortable delivering your new puppy.